Fax Status API Reference

This defines the Fax Status API:

  • Request - Get fax status.
  • Response - ensure that your request to the Fax API was successful.


A Fax API request looks like:


This request contains:


The following table shows the parameters you use in the request:

Parameter Description Required
fax_job_id Fax Job ID. The id that you get when you request FAX API Yes.

Authentication information

The following table shows the information for authentication:

Parameter Description Required
api_key Your Key. For example, api_key=f@x2r0ckkz. Yes.

You find your Key in Dashboard.


To ensure privacy, you must use HTTPS for all Faxto API requests.


You submit all requests with a POST or GET call using UTF-8 encoding and URL encoded values.


We support JSON ONLY responses

  "status": "success",
  "message": "Sent! Fax Has Been Answered."
  "user_cash_balance": 100.20

Keys and Values

Key Value Response Type
status The status of the API request JSON
message The message about the fax job JSON
user_cash_balance Remaining cash balance JSON

Response Messages

HTTP Status Code Reason
200 Successful response
401 Unauthorized.
403 Rate limit exceeded
404 Resource not Found
500 Internal server error