Provision Numbers API Reference

This defines the Provision Numbers API:

  • Request - Provision a Fax number.
  • Response - ensure that your request to the Fax API was successful.


A Fax API request looks like:{did_group_id}/provision?api_key=API_KEY

This request contains:


The following table shows the parameters you use in the request:

Parameter Description Required
did_group_id To get a did_group_id, call API List DID groups Yes

Authentication information

The following table shows the information for authentication:

Parameter Description Required
api_key Your Key. For example, api_key=f@x2r0ckkz. Yes.

You find your Key in Dashboard.


To ensure privacy, you must use HTTPS for all Faxto API requests.


You submit all requests with a POST or GET call using UTF-8 encoding and URL encoded values.


We support JSON ONLY responses

  "status": "success",
  "message": "Number has been provisioned.",
  "data": {
    "id": 782,
    "didid": 6283433,
    "did_group_id": 67,
    "country_code": "CAN",
    "city_name": "WINNIPEG",
    "area_code": "204",
    "number": "+12048134698",
    "type": "GEOGRAPHIC",
    "trunk_id": 8934

Keys and Values

Key Value Response Type
status The status of the API request JSON
message The complete description of the status JSON
data Array containing the number data JSON

Response Messages

HTTP Status Code Reason
200 Successful response
401 Unauthorized.
403 Rate limit exceeded
404 Resource not Found
500 Internal server error